The Organizations for Strategic Development in Jamaica


Together With Christ We Will Make Jamaica Better

Our Partners


Church and Para-church Organizations

Mission Jamaica

Jamaica Mission

Robin's Nest

Hope for the City

Food for the Poor

Feed My Starving Children

Redeemer Covenant Church

Peace Presbyterian Church

Davyton United Church

International Leadership Institute



HealthCare and Medical Services

University of Minnesota

University of the West Indies

Ministry of Health

Hennepin County Medical Center

Mayo Clinic

Cleveland Clinic

Vanderbilt University

St. Catherine University

Emory University

St. Paul Academy

Red Cross/North Central Blood Services



US Jamaican Diaspora Companies and Organizations

The Jamaican Diaspora, USA


EnviroTech Construction

The American Friends of Jamaica

Health Concepts International

Jamaican Women of Washington Inc.

WenWay Inc.




Jamaican Companies

Abbott Lab

Astra Zenca

Blue Cross Blue Shields

Boehringer Ingelheim

Dr. Reddy's

Gardian Life

Glaxosmithkline Caribbean Ltd


Jassen Cilag


Manchester Parish Council


Merck Sharp & Dohme

Navartis Pharmaceutical Logistics

Roche Pharmaceutical

National Commercial Bank

Capital & Credit Financial Group



T. Geddes Grant (Dist)