The Barry Wint Memorial Fund

Established February 23, 2008 at the

Advancements in Medicine 2008 Conference

About Barry Wint





Dr. Wint was the chief architect of the Advancements in Medicine Conference.  In December 2005, Dr. Barry Wint, Professor Archibald McDonald and Professor Gordon Shirley, visited Minnesota to review the finding of the OSDJ Fact Finding Mission of May 2005 and to participate in the launching of the Mayo Clinic Jamaica Diversity Network Group.   In response to the report, Dr. Wint suggested that the first response should be focused on developing the relationships between the medical professionals in Jamaica and the United State through an annual medical conference. 


We are grateful to Mrs. Yvonne Wint and family for giving us the permission to launch the Barry Wint Memorial Fund.  The fund will be used to provide scholarships to medical, nurses and public health students in Jamaica and to aid in the infrastructure development of medical facilities in Jamaica.


Members of the Jamaican Diaspora, we ask you to join us in building on this solid foundation for improving the healthcare delivery system of Jamaica.  One passion of the late Dr. Barry Wint, was to see patient care fully funded in Jamaica.  On one of his visits to Minnesota, he indicated that there are over 2.5 million Jamaicans living outside the country and if each would contribute US$1.00 per month to healthcare in Jamaica the country would have a healthcare system that rivals any first world country.  We encourage the support of everyone to make contributions to the fund and tell others about its establishment.


The Barry Wint Memorial Fund will be administered by a board consisting of:

  • Mrs. Yvonne Wint

  • Professor Archibald McDonald

  • Attorney John Junor

  • Mr. Wayland Richards

  • Dr. Sheila Campbell-Forrester

  • Dr. Sonia Copeland

  • Hon. Lloyd Hyde

While we are amazed at the significant achievements in medicine and healthcare in Jamaica, much more can be done for training and infrastructure development. As we launch the Barry Wint Memorial Fund, at the Advancements in Medicine 2008 Conference, please join us and contribute to the fund and contact your friends and relatives both in Jamaica and overseas and invite them to join.  

Together with Christ We Will Make Jamaica Better.


Contact Information

In Jamaica, persons wishing to make contributions to the Barry Wint Memorial Fund, should contact the office of the Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the UWI, Mona Campus at phone number 876-927-1707 or the office of Chief Medical Officer at 876-967-1628, or send an email to or make contributions online by clicking on the Make Pledge or Contributions link to access the online pledge and contributions form.


Outside Jamaica persons wishing to make contributions to the Barry Wint Memorial Fund should do so online or send check to


P.O. 8226,

Minneapolis MN 55408 


OSDJ is a 501(c)(3) corporation registered in the State of Minnesota with operations in Jamaica. All contributions made to the Barry Wint memorial fund is tax-deductible.  


Tell your friends about the establishment of the Barry Wint Memorial Fund and invite them to make a contribution.


If you are interested in planning a fundraising event to raise funds for the Barry Wint Memorial fund please give us a call at

763-503-0869 or send us an email at