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Join the network of individuals and companies helping to improve the lives of the people of Jamaica. Discover how you can enhance your career by giving of your time in volunteering.  There are a variety of ways you can get involved.  Whether you want to serve on a committee, participate in short term or long term missions, donate a few hours of your available time for a particular event, OSDJ has a position to match your interest.  For more information on how you can get involved call 763-503-0869 or send us an email:

Jamaica National Hypertension Research Project

Advancements in Medicine and Healthcare 2016


Join us for the 2016 annual Advancements in Medicine and Healthcare conference and the launch of the National Hypertension Research Project November 14-19, 2016 on the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica.


This landmark event is considered the fourth wheel aimed at integrating the outreach efforts of healthcare professionals in the Jamaican Diaspora and Friends of Jamaica into the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Health.


  • The First Wheel - Fact Finding Missions: this began with several academic health institutions and healthcare professionals from the Jamaican Diaspora since 2005
  • The Second Wheel - Professional Development: The 2nd Wheel began addressing professional development through the annual Advancements in Medicine Conference began in 2007
  • The Third Wheel - Institutional Partnerships this began with establishment of institutional partnerships in 2010 and the development of the Hospital Liaison Support Team in 2013
  • The Fourth Wheel - Engaging the Stakeholders: The 4th Wheel seeks to bring together stakeholders from the governments, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and businesses together to develop the framework for sustainable collaborative mutual engagements.  With the 4th wheel in place, the launching of the Jamaica National Hypertension Research Project is the first of such engagement. 

If you are interested in being part of a Hospital Support Team or the Jamaica National Hypertension Research Project effort please send us an email at

Endoscopy Services for Central Jamaica

Isaac Bartley.jpgDr. Isaac Bartley, a frequent presenter and participant in the OSDJ Annual Advancements in Medicine and Healthcare Conference in Jamaica has accepted our request to help develop Endoscopy Services in Central Jamaica. 


Dr. Bartley secured two endoscopy machines for May Pen Hospital, Jamaica. They were shipped to Jamaica and are awaiting final paperwork to complete clearance from Jamaica Custom.   We are seeking your financial support to complete the installation and setup of these machines at the hospital.


You can make your tax-deductible contributions online via Paypal by clicking on the Endoscopy Donation button below or make check payable to OSDJ and mail it to:



6701 80th Ave. N

Brooklyn Park MN 55445


OSDJ is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.  Your contribution to this cause is tax-deductible.


Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare Outreach Team

Dr. Mark Gormley, Jr. and his team from Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, Minnesota are creating history as they continue to reach out to need children in Jamaica. He was a member of the OSDJ Fact Finding Team of May 2005 and presented at the Advancement in Medicine 2007 and 2008 conference.  In February 2010 Dr. Gormley and his team performed the first rhizotomy surgery in Jamaica. (view video on YouTube).  Since then, they have traveled to Jamaica twice per year to treat children at Bustamante Hospital for Children and the University of the West Indies.


Through the strong support of Dr. Paul Dawson and the University of the West Indies Faculty of Medical Sciences and the leadership of Bustamante Hospital for Children, the team from Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare plans to increase their trips to Jamaica to four time per year.  They are also in discussions with the leadership of OSDJ and the Ministry of Health to develop a permanent clinic (building) in Jamaica to support their outreach efforts.


The work of Dr. Grormley and Dr. Dawson and their respective teams is a fine example of the kind of collaborative engagements we hope the Advancements in Medicine and Healthcare conference continues to produce as we seek to assist in the development of the healthcare delivery system of Jamaica.  Watch for more detail on how you can support this outreach effort.

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Committed to leading healthcare, community development and educational initiatives to strengthen and improve the quality of lives in Jamaica by helping Jamaicans to help themselves through effective partnerships with individuals, corporations, academic institutions, Churches, Para-Church organizations and civic groups.


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